From Our Farm To Your Bottle
Artfully Crafted on
Salt Spring Island 

Salt Spring is a Mecca of healing and the arts.  We are known for our pristine wilderness, fine craftsmanship and artisan, locavore food culture.  

Our island is a paradise for those looking for an alternative to the noise and chaos of the outside world, just as our kombucha is a much needed alternative to the world of sodas and sugary drinks that deplete the body and damage health.  

At Salt Spring Island Kombucha, we use ancient fermentation techniques, combined with state-of-the-art technology, to create a health elixir worthy of the name Salt Spring.  

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Why Is Our Kombucha
So Exceptional? 

First of all, our secret ingredient is our magical mountain spring water that flows from our artesian well.  

We infuse this water with three of the world’s finest teas, which are organically and ethically sourced: Assam, Sencha and Yerba Mate.  

Finally, after fermentation, and just before it goes into the bottle, we cold steep our kombucha with farm fresh or local/organic herbs and fruits to create not just an incredibly tasty kombucha but a true health elixir.  

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I started SSI kombucha when my second son was one year old.  I had been looking for a drink that was gently stimulating and healthy, as I find most stimulants too strong and ungrounding. I started making kombucha and felt like I had discovered a magical elixir! 

I was suddenly digesting better and my head felt so much more clear.  With all this newfound energy I decided to start selling my kombucha at our local farmers market where it was a big hit!  We started receiving requests from restaurants and health food stores, and We have been growing ever since.  

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Our Delicious Blends
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Wild Rose

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Strawberry Mint

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Blue Algae

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Hibiscus Lemon Balm

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Elderfloer Ginger

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Chaga Chai


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