Kombucha - Boochtails

January 06, 2020 Posted By: Developer


“Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?”  That has always been a strange phrase to me.  Who on earth would bother getting a cake if there was some doubt as to whether they could eat it too?  Oh English, how strange you are...

But still, when I think of kombucha cocktails, it is the most appropriate phrase that comes to mind. Imagine having the hangover cause and the hangover cure in one glass!!  Kombucha is a powerful ally in your body’s efforts to regain equilibrium.  Although, make sure you drink lots of water too... 

Kombucha helps to reverse the effects of a hangover in three main ways:

First, it provides a big blast of healthy gut bacteria.  It helps to calm a queasy stomach, as the alcohol can put the old belly biome out of whack by killing off good bacteria.   

Second, it helps to replenish vitamins (particularly B vitamins and vitamin C) as well as trace minerals which get stripped from your body with every drink. 

Third, it is a big detoxifier.  It can help to remove the toxins from your liver and other organs and move them along more quickly, helping you to feel yourself again faster.  

In order to get these benefits, you can have a bottle of booch sitting at the table with you as you drink and pour yourself a glass every now and then, which is a great idea, but for extra fun you might want to try making your own kombucha cocktails! 

Here are two delicious recipes to get you started.  

Moscow mule
In a tumbler filled with ice, fill with one part vodka, four parts Salt Spring Island Elderflower Ginger kombucha, and top it off with a generous squeeze of lime.  Put a nice round of lime on the glass, if you are feeling fancy, and enjoy! 
(Note: recipe inspired by cookie and Kate)

Strawberry mint summer fizz
This delicious drink is perfect for summer evenings or any time it might be nice to feel summery.  We start with a quarter glass of our lovely strawberry mint kombucha, mixed with a quarter glass of blended fresh strawberries, and a half glass of any sparkling wine such as Prosecco.  Mmmm, beach picnics will never be the same... 

So go ahead and enjoy your night out with a little help from your friends at SSI Kombucha.  Have that cake and eat it up- and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.  I know I said  that already, but it’s important!!