Kombucha - The Ultimate Immune Booster.

January 06, 2020 Posted By: Developer


People often think of kombucha as a summertime drink- we think of cool bubbles on the beach or patio, that refreshingly cold bottle in your hand on a hot July afternoon. And yeah.. that is all pretty great, but it only tells half the story.. 

Besides the obviously incredible taste, energizing qualities and digestive help we get from kombucha, we tend to forget the main reason that we should all be drinking it during cold and flu season- it’s amazing immune system support! 

Kombucha has two main weapons in the fight against disease- antioxidants and probiotics. 

First, the antioxidants. The most abundant of these to be found in kombucha are DSL and vitamin C. Antioxidants are known as free radical scavengers. They find and neutralize free radicals in the body which, if unchecked, can cause immense cell damage, leading to impaired immune function and inflammation.

Next, the well known and well loved kombucha probiotics! These friendly bacteria are our first defence against disease. They form a barrier against the harmful bacteria and pathogens that are constantly, and I mean constantly, entering our bodies in modern life. From bathroom door handles to improperly cooked food to sneezing children- bad bacteria and disease is everywhere. Not only do probiotics create a barrier, they also take up all the available room, and eat all the available food, which causes the harmful bacteria to be crowded out and starve. This leaves the immune cells free to fight diseases attempting to enter other areas of the body- such as the respiratory tract.

So this winter make sure to load up on kombucha- the tastiest immune booster around!